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  • 6 Ultra Chic Hotels to Check out (and Check Into)

    6 Ultra Chic Hotels to Check out (and Check Into)

    Stunning interior design and traveling in style? Two things we take pretty seriously at the Decorist studios. In an effort to pay proper tribute to two of our all-time favorite things, we’ve decided to dedicate today’s post to the hotels we’re dying to check out (and a few we’re already smitten with).

    From lobbies re-imagined as multi-use gathering spaces to guestrooms appointed like the finest luxury spas, some hoteliers and their designers just know how to elevate the hotel experience to an art form.
    Check out these stunningly chic hotels that will definitely give you something to write home about. After all, isn’t it the destination not the journey that really matters?

    1. The Palladian / Seattle

    Our home away from home during Seattle Showhouse, The Palladian seems to be on the design world’s radar right now.

    Brought into being by the Kimpton Hotel Group, the boutique hotel hitmaker, the recently-opened Palladian gets our vote for its retro-eclectic design aesthetic — think old-school rotary phones, quirky portraits, clawfoot tubs — and luxe, hipster vibe that just feels on-point and on-trend. 

    One of our fave designers, Nicole Hollis, is the brains behind the Palladian’s award-winning design. We always love seeing her breathtaking work and look forward to experiencing it first hand next week.

    2. Haymarket Hotel / London

    The whimsical Haymarket mirrors the vibrancy and vitality of its setting in London’s colorful West End theatre district. Unmistakably English, the hotel’s interior marries contemporary references with a classical pedigree in a style that’s been coined “Modern British.”

    Recently redesigned by hotel design guru Kit Kemp, much of the furniture is custom made and virtually every surface is covered in a charming, contrasting textile. Kit has effortlessly mixed eras and assigned a new order based on her own set of unconventional design rules. A true English gem.

    3. Ett Hem / Stockholm

    Formerly a private residence (a grand one, at that), the luxury boutique hotel Ett Hem is a taste of true Scandinavia. Cozy in its winter palette of dove gray, alabaster and Icelandic blues, it offers a low-key luxe in keeping with the laid back but orderly vibe of Stockholm.

    Brimming with antiques and personality, each individual space somehow manages to echo the lean, minimal look the Swedes are known for. Designer Ilse Crawford was aiming for a sense of calm and intrigue, and you definitely get that in spades at the Ett Hem. We also love the “indoor-out” spaces with all the comforts of a sitting room in an open-air patio. Truly magical!

    4 The Parker / Palm Springs

    Decorist’s own authority on all things ‘mid-century,’ Celebrity designer Darren Brown has his fingerprints all over the interior of this exciting desert destination. The Parker Palm Springs is known for its retro modern exuberance that feels funky, fresh and a little Rat Pack-fabulous.

    The one-of-a-kind interiors, which Darren collaborated on with Jonathan Adler, can veer toward kitsch but are brought back to a luxurious elegance that effortlessly marries the high with the low — not an easy design feat to pull off this beautifully.

    Throw in a full-service spa, three pools, clay courts and gorgeously landscaped grounds and you’ve got yourself a real bucket list contender. 

    5. Hotel Alfonso XIII / Seville

    Magnificently decorated in the authentic Moorish, Castilian and Andalusian styles, Hotel Alfonso XIII is a taste of old-world Seville as authentic as it comes.

    Constructed in 1929 and considered to be one of the most prestigious hotels worldwide, it features a sea of white marble and Moroccan-inspired hand-painted tile.

    Just three years ago, it was lovingly refurbished to infuse a posh new glamour to elevate its old-world sensibility. Trend-forward geometric rugs, Moroccan light fixtures and medieval-inspired studded tables create a rich tapestry of texture and color that will, undoubtedly, bring lots of inspiration for your next design project.

    6. The Mercer / New York

    Last but certainly not least on our list is the Mercer Hotel, designed by newly introduced Decorist Celebrity designer Campion Platt. Located in NYC’s SoHo district, the Mercer is the chic big sister to L.A.’s bohemian Chateau Marmont.

    Platt, whose design genius extends to both the Mercer and Marmont (including the residences of many celebrity clients), is known for his signature masculine assertiveness and the ability to effortlessly mix color, materials and finishes. The chic Mercer, with its clean lines and intimate NYC loft-feel, is no exception.

    Want to work with a Decorist designer who’s designed a fabulous hotel interior? Many of our talented designers (Campion Platt and Darren Brown, to name a few) have put their personal design stamp on high-visibility hotel projects.

    - Decorist Editorial Team