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    • Holiday House Soho Grand Opening


    Holiday House Soho Grand Opening

    Marisa Marcantonio interviews Iris Apfel, Iris Dankner, Luis D. Ortiz, Campion Platt, Sasha Bikoff, Patrick Mele, Harry Heissmann, Tori Golub, John Smiroldo, Stephen Fanuka, Arthur Becker, Richard J. DeMarco, Richard Cohen and Bradley Theodore in Manhattan's trendy Soho district at The Sullivan Mansions. View Video


    Press Kit

    Campion Platt Press Kit Read More

    • Town to help clean up Bingham Islands
    • Town to help clean up Bingham Islands
    • The 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show | Jenn-Air


    The 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show | Jenn-Air

    Step into the Architectural Digest Design Show with Campion Platt to discover what’s new and innovative in the world of design. Get a sneak peek at top picks like the Jenn-Air® Refrigerator with Obsidian Interior and the Jenn-Air® Induction Downdraft Cooktop. And see where trends are headed with kitchen lighting and fixtures. View Video

    • Darkness Delight
    • Darkness Delight


    Darkness Delight

    Campion Platt designed a room, "Darkness Delight" at the 2015 Holiday House show house. Platt's mysterious & moody room celebrated Nardoqan, the Turkish winter solstice, with a therapist's office. "To express the mystical meaning of Nardoqan, a therapist's office lies at the heart of our plan, complete with elegantly structured Bright furniture, including an inviting daybed," Platt says. "Here, one embarks on a journey of personal transformation, from darkness to light." The designs of Campion Platt, leading architect and interiors designer, whose projects range from residences and botique hotels to lines of furniture and textile collections, embody luxury, innovation and an eco-friendly consciousness. Read More