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    • House and Garden
    • House and Garden


    House and Garden

    A FRESH START : A NOVELIST RESETTLES IN A ONE-BEDROOM APARTMENT WITH FURNITURE DESIGNED BY ARCHITECT CAMPION PLATT New York is, among other things, the capital of the fresh start. I've made several here, on of the many reasons I remain infatuated with the city long after other romances have foundered and faded. Read More

    • New York Magazine
    • New York Magazine
    • New York Magazine


    New York Magazine

    Simplicity is Platt's mantra, a modern (not minimal) aesthetic. "With the stresses of the city, we provide an unstylized and quiet home invironment," he says. The discerning may note a classical sense of proportion, but Platt's balanced rooms typically have a contemporary feel, thanks to "metal, Lucite, resin and lots of natural woods." CLIENTS: Al Pachino, Meg Ryan, Read More

    • The World of Interiors


    The World of Interiors

    9 Collapsible and compace, made to be carried on a march and assembled in the field, campaign furniture reached its apex in England during the 18th and 19th centuries. Originally made for life under canvas, these portable and space-saving pieces are now experiencing a resurgence of interest among city-dwellers with the launch of a new Read More

    • Gotham



    HERE COMES THE CAMPIONS : Architect Campion Platt recently launched his first collection of home furnishings, and we're loco for such "campaign"-style pieces as the Bottoms Up Bar, a knock-down oval table. When you're not storing bottles of Bombay on the ebony shelves, fold up the four-level shelving unit and store it in a closet. Now that's the perfect NYC bar! Read More

    • The Robb Report Collection
    • The Robb Report Collection


    The Robb Report Collection

    CAMPION'S CAMPAIGN : While campaigning during the Napoleonic wars, upper-class officers were loath to leave the comforts of their well-appointed maisons behind. Thus evolved light-weight, collapsable "campaign furniture" that transformed the Read More